Ryan Heath May 18, 2018


Albany-Saratoga SpeedwayFull 8 Sports Marketing - The sun was shining at Albany-Saratoga Speedway. Heath Racing was ready to tackle The Great Race Place once again as last week, scheduling conflicts forced them to miss the action in Malta. The 6R started the night tight in the corners in warm ups time trialing 17th out of 21 cars.

Ryan pulled the number 61 chip in the heat race draw, which put him on the inside of row 4 in 7th Place. For the heat race, the track had gone from being heavy and tacky to smooth and fast. With the changes in the track the adjustments the Heath Racing crew made to fix the push over-corrected the issue, which meant Ryan would be fighting a loose car for the entire heat race. The 6R maintained its 7th place staring spot for the majority of the heat and picked up one spot on the last lap to cross the line 6th.

“We struggled a bit early in the night, but my team always comes through to make the adjustments we need. We still need to work on our qualifying. I have horrible luck with the draw and always start in the back. We need to make a few heat race adjustments to be faster early in the night.” - Ryan

The Heath Racing 6R rolled off 17th for the 20 Lap main event for the Limited Sportsman. The track conditions were still changing. Thankfully, the Heath Racing crew anticipated the change to a slick and dry racing surface. They made a few adjustments to hopefully compensate for the drastic change is racing conditions. With the drop of the green, the 6R set a consistent pace. Although the car was still loose, Ryan was able to maintain his 17th place position for much of the race. As cars started to fade, the 6R picked off two spots late in the race. A fun racing battle with the 26 of Derrick McGrew Jr. lasted a few laps but Ryan was able to edge him out. The 6R crossed the line 16th at the checkered flag. A disqualification of the leader would ultimately credit Ryan with a 15th place finish.

“At the end of the night, it was a good run for our team. The car was decent in the feature. We made adjustments in anticipation of the track conditions and the adjustments worked but, we were still lacking some side bite. Guys like Buff, Wagner, McAuliffe, and Kneer were getting around there pretty good, so we have our work cut out for us. It’s nothing my team can’t handle though! We have a page full of notes and we will be back!!” - Ryan

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Next Race: Sunday, May 27, 2018 at Glen Ridge Motorsports Park

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